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Marx [The Transporter]
16 December 1985
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Well, stuff changed.

I put the LJ down for a while, and I guess I'm back. The life of Marx wasn't stable enough to warrent logging, and it just went away. I know it makes little to no sense, but bear with me, it'll kick ass soon.

There's a lot of stuff that makes me me.
I'm a rugger.
I'm a teacher.
I'm a bartender.
I'm a momma's boy.
I'm a political reiver.
I'm a godfather/uncle to about 67365287 kids.
I'm a radio jock.
I'm a funny guy.
I'm a student.
I'm a debate/UN kid.
I'm a type A madman.
All of that and more gets mashed together and will get put here.

The friends, the family, the workplace, the pictures, the sights and sounds will all be here. Hopefully, it'll be somewhat good.